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Anni Mörö

COO and Founder

Anni holds a PhD in Cell and Tissue Engineering. She has 13 years of experience in developing biomaterial-based solutions for ocular cell therapies. Throughout her academic career, Anni has been involved in projects where commercialization of research-based innovations are explored. For the past 6 years, her research activities have focused on 3D bioprinting of human cornea and human stem cells. In her current role as a Senior Research Fellow at Tampere University, Anni leads 3D bioprinting related projects with commercial goals. Anni has also studied technology knowhow management, leadership in expert environment and future board practices. Anni is a health tech innovator, and has been awarded for significant medical innovation by Council of Tampere Region (2019).

Anni enjoys sports in any form, road cycling of long distances is the best way to spend a summer day.

Anni Mörö
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