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Curing blindness with stem cells

StemSight cures severe corneal blindness with an off-the-shelf stem cell therapy.

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Corneal blindness is a global problem

Over 12 million people suffer from corneal blindness worldwide, as there is a huge shortage of corneal tissue transplants. Our aim is to make spare parts for the cornea that don't rely on donor tissue. 


StemSight's founding team have worked with novel biomaterial solutions for ophthalmic applications and culture and differentiation methods for human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) for several years. Building on this experience, StemSight is developing new cell therapy products for the treatment of blindness.

StemSight's first target indication is limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD), a severe rare disease of the cornea currently without valid treatment options for patients suffering from LSCD in both eyes. StemSight's off-the-shelf stem cell product could provide these patients with a cure to regain their vision.


In the future, we aim to use the same stem cells to make other types of corneal cells, so that we can help patients suffering from other forms of blindness, such as corneal endothelial dystrophies.

Pioneering solutions to cure blindness

StemSight develops cell-based therapies to treat corneal blindness using allogeneic induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Limbal stem cells

Often caused by burns or chemical injuries to the surface of the eye, limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) results in overgrowth of surrounding tissue and blood vessels to the surface of the eye. This painful and blinding condition goes often untreated due to poor long-term outcomes of existing solutions. We aim to permanently restore vision to patients with LSCD by delivering new limbal stem cells with real regeneration potential.

Corneal endothelial cells

Corneal endothelial dysfunction is the underlying cause in about 40 % of all corneal transplantations done today. With the overwhelming shortage of donor cornea tissue, we propose a method independent of any donor material for the production of corneal endothelial cells. StemSight's endothelial cells on top of a carrier material can be used similarly to DSAEK endothelium transplantation.


Our team

The team compliments the scientific excellence in stem cells and tissue engineering of the founder team with experience from clinical ophthalmology and pharma industry in their board of directors.

Laura Koivusalo

DSc, Stem cells

and tissue engineering

Anni Mörö

PhD, Biomaterials and cellular interactions

Tanja Ilmarinen

PhD, Cell biology and ocular in vivo models

Heli Skottman

Prof., GMP production of human stem cells

Aapo Kiviniemi

Master of Laws, Executive MBA. Corporate agreements and commercialization of research



Our Board and Advisors consists of business professionals, clinicians, regulatory experts and medical advisors.


News and Events


StemSight winner of two Tech Tour events

StemSight was selected among the best presenting companies in two consecutive events organized by Tech Tour. The European Healthtech Investment Forum and the Future22 flagship event for the very best innovative companies.


Heli Skottman a finalist for Innovation Professor of the year

Business Finland, Spinverse and Technology Industry Finland have selected our CTO and founder Heli as one of the three finalists for the 2nd Innovation Professor of the Year award. We're very proud of her!


Laura Koivusalo awarded by JCI Finland 

StemSight's CEO Laura was awarded as one of Finland's Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) 2021 by JCI Finland. Congratulations!


StemSight featured in Sifted

Following the press release of StemSight's seed investment, the prime European startup media Shifted did a great piece on the future of stem cell therapies to cure blindness, by interviewing our CEO Laura.


StemSight awarded 50 000 € Silmu grant

StemSight received the 50 000 € Silmu grant from Instrumentarium Science Foundation. The foundation has a long history in supporting research in medical technologies and life science.


Tissue Cure Alliance Finland seminar on iPSC and regenerative medicine

StemSight - as part of Tissue Cure Alliance Finland - participates in the free seminar on iPSCs and regenerative medicine on Jan 20 2022. Sign up to hear and discuss the topic with the experts!


StemSight in Slush100 pitching competition

StemSight was selected among the top 100 early-stage startups to prequalify for the Slush100 pitching competition. The finale on the big stage in Slush 2021 only has room for 3 of the best pitching companies, will StemSight be among them?


StemSight closes 500 k€ seed round

We are proud to announce the successful seed funding round lead by Finnish deep-tech VC Voima Ventures and Avohoidon tutkimussäätiö. This funding goes to further development of StemSight's cell therapy product for limbal stem cell defiency.


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