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Curing blindness with stem cells

StemSight cures severe corneal blindness with an off-the-shelf stem cell therapy.

Pioneering solutions to cure blindness

StemSight develops cell-based therapies to treat corneal blindness using allogeneic human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs).

Allogeneic stem cell therapy

StemSight has developed a novel allogeneic stem cell based therapy to treat bilateral or unilateral LSCD. This novel therapy shall be the first valid therapy for patients missing corneal limbal stem cells in both eyes. Presence of high number of limbal stem cells in StemSight's limbal product can be secured, which will improve the success rate of corneal transplantations.

Vision Unlimited

StemSight's methods allow the enrichment, maintenance and scaled up production of functional limbal stem cells. The produced limbal stem cells are transplanted onto the eye with the aid of clinically used biomaterial membrane. StemSight's limbal product shall be an easy to use kit, which can be manufactured on-demand.


"The most innovative startup in health and life sciences in Europe"


BioFIT 2020


Curing the uncurable

Over 12 million people suffer from corneal blindness and with StemSight’s innovation they can gain their sight back.


StemSight's founding team have worked with novel biomaterial solutions for ophthalmic applications and culture and differentiation methods for hPSCs including both human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) for several years. Building on this experience, StemSight is developing new cell therapy products for the treatment of blindness.

StemSight's first target indication is limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD), a severe rare disease of the cornea currently without valid treatment options. Using StemSight's off-the-shelf stem cell product could provide these patients with a cure to regain their vision.


LSCD mainly affects young and working age people, who are debilitated for life. LSCD is a severe form of corneal blindness, where the natural renewal capacity of the cornea is lost. This painful and ultimately blinding condition can result from thermal or chemical burns or severe infections. Despite attempts for surgical interventions, currently no valid treatment exists for patients suffering from LSCD in both eyes.


Our team

The team compliments the scientific excellence in stem cells and tissue engineering of the founder team with experience from clinical ophthalmology and pharma industry in their board of directors.

Laura Koivusalo

DSc, Stem cells

and tissue engineering

Tanja Ilmarinen

PhD, Cell biology and ocular in vivo models

Aapo Kiviniemi

Master of Laws, Executive MBA. Corporate agreements, licensing, commercialisation of new tech.

Anni Mörö

PhD, Biomaterials and cellular interactions

Heli Skottman

Prof., GMP production of human stem cells


Our Board and Advisors consists of business professionals, clinicians, regulatory experts and medical advisors.


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