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Kirsi Penttinen

Senior Scientist

Kirsi is a Doctor of Science (Tech.) in Medical Engineering and Master of Science (Tech.) in Biomaterial Engineering. She conducted her doctoral studies and worked as post-doc in Prof. Katriina Aalto-Setälä’s group at Tampere University. Throughout her academic career, Kirsi was involved in projects where genetic cardiac disease models were developed from iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes with the main focus on the cardiomyocyte functionality characterization and pharmaceutical compound testing. Kirsi has also developed and studied cardiovascular constructs with co-cultures of cardiomyocytes and cells forming vascular-like networks together with biomaterials. From 2021, Kirsi worked as Regulatory and Start-up Specialist in clinical research organization IQVIA where she coordinated the initiation of clinical trials of investigational medicinal products in Nordic countries.


At StemSight Kirsi will work in R&D including cell culture and in vitro analysis as well as the development of analytical methods for product development and quality control.


In her free time Kirsi enjoys doing ceramic arts and handicrafts like knitting.

Kirsi Penttinen
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