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Laura Koivusalo

CEO and Founder

Laura is a Doctor of Science in Technology in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. She conducted her doctoral studies in Prof. Heli Skottman’s group at Tampere University, designing new biomaterials for corneal regeneration. Her thesis was awarded the best Doctor of Science Thesis of the Year in the faculty. While finalizing her doctoral studies, she began to lead the commercialization efforts for the technology developed in the research group, that became the spin-off company StemSight in 2021.

Laura is an award-winning pitching champion both in Finland and internationally and has been selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World in 2022 by Junior Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Laura is an invited member of the European Female Founders Forum initiative by the EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

Laura relaxes by sailing and practising endurance sports.

Laura Koivusalo
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