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Lyydia Saari

Laboratory assistant

Lyydia graduated as a MSc in Cell Technology from Tampere University in Spring 2023. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Tampere University and additional studies in chemistry. Lyydia has also been very active in the student association during her time at the university.

Before joining StemSight, Lyydia has worked shortly as a research assistant in Prof. Heli Skottman's group at Tampere University, where she did her BSc Thesis. While interning at a biosensor company, gave her also experience in biosensors and lab-on-chip concepts. In StemSight, Lyydia works as part of the lab team doing cell culture, running analyses, and being a helping hand wherever needed.

When not at work, Lyydia enjoys activities with her dog, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing by watching TV or exercising.

Lyydia Saari
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