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Sarita Panula

Head of R&D and CMC

Sarita has a PhD in Medical Science from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. She has gained extensive experience working with human pluripotent stem cells around the world, starting in 2005 while completing her Master of Science studies at Regea, Tampere University. She then worked in Dr. Renee Reijo Pera’s lab at UCSF and Stanford University for four years, before moving to Japan to work in Dr. Shinya Yamanaka’s lab at CiRA, Kyoto University for two years. Sarita gained her PhD degree in Dr. Outi Hovatta’s lab in 2015 and did her post-doctoral work with Dr. Fredrik Lanner in Karolinska Institutet. From 2018, Sarita worked as a Senior Scientist in a stem cell therapy start-up company Procella Therapeutics in Sweden.

Sarita joined StemSight as the first employee in November 2021. She oversees and works hands-on with the process and analytical development of the iPSC-derived limbal stem cells. She is also initiating CMC operations for the company’s first drug product candidate for the treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency.

Sarita Panula
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