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Tanja Ilmarinen

CSO and Founder

Tanja holds a PhD in genetics and molecular medicine from University of Helsinki and Finnish National Public Health Institute, Finland. Tanja is also an adjunct professor in cell technology at Tampere University. Tanja has two decades' experience in research of which 15 years she has dedicated to developing stem cell-based treatments for ocular applications, first in purely academic setting and now continuing to take that work further at StemSight. She has extensive experience in human pluripotent stem cell differentiation towards different ocular lineages and characterization of graft functionality in vitro, as well as in preclinical context using different animal models. Her current research focus has been on development of hPSC–derived corneal epithelium and endothelium grafts for cell therapy.

Most of her free time Tanja spends at the ski resort owned by her husband, as a handy-woman or just enjoying downhill skiing and cycling.

Tanja Ilmarinen
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